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Getting charged for a sex crime offense or just being accused of one can negatively impact your life, not forgetting the hefty penalties you could face if convicted.

A conviction for sex crimes in San Diego has severe, life-changing consequences and a strong stigma that you may have to face for the rest of your life. The sex offender registration laws make the situation even worse as anyone with internet access can see the crime you were convicted of.

Unfortunately, many innocent people today are wrongly accused of sex crimes while others are exaggeratedly charged. If you or someone you know is facing charges for a sex crime, the best action to take is to hire an experienced sexual assault lawyer in San Diego to protect your rights and fight for your freedom.

What is a Sex Crime?

A “sex crime” is any criminal offense that’s sexual in nature, has a form of sexual assault, or portrays a sexual motive.

Generally, California is responsible for charging and prosecuting sex crime offenses. However, the federal government takes over the case when the crime goes beyond the state lines, violates federal law, or involves a minor.

San Diego sex crimes range from misdemeanors to serious felonies, and the punishments could be minimal like probation or serious, like life imprisonment.

Below are some of the sex crimes frequently charged in San Diego:

  • Sexual Assault: This involves sexual intercourse with someone else without their consent and is normally regarded as a class 2 felony.
  • Sexual Abuse /Child Molestation: It involves having sex with someone less than 15 years of age.
  • Prostitution: Whether you’re offering or accepting prostitution services, it is an offense and considered a crime in California. Despite being rated as a class 1 misdemeanor, one still has to serve a minimum jail sentence if convicted.
  • Rape: Rape involves having sexual intercourse with another person forcefully and without their consent. They may fail to give consent because of their mental status, intoxication, unconsciousness, minor illness, or deception.
  • Child Pornography: Also referred to as sexual exploitation of a minor, child pornography involves distributing, possessing, or producing the visual depiction of a minor engaged in exploitative exhibition or other sexual conduct.
  • Statutory Rape/Sex with Minor: Statutory rape involves having sex with someone under the age of 18.

All of these sex crime offenses can lead to heavy penalties. Luckily, your San Diego sexual assault lawyer can help you develop a strong defense.

What Are The Penalties For A Sex Crime Conviction In San Diego? 

Crime sex conviction punishments in California are severe and stringent, showing how serious these offenses are taken in the state.

Despite 95% of sex crime arrests involving first-time offenses, judges and prosecutors still enforce sex crime statutes. In most instances, being a first-time sex offender doesn’t guarantee you minor penalties as it does for drinking under the influence.

Generally, the penalties vary depending on the type of sex crime committed, the victim’s age, and the defendant’s criminal history. The penalties can potentially include:

  • Long jail terms of up to life imprisonment
  • Hefty fines that could go up to six figures
  • Registering as a sex offender:

Also, if you’re convicted of a sex crime or sex-related crime in San Diego, you may:

  • Face a jail term
  • Lose your child custody and visitation rights
  • Lose your right to vote
  • Lose your rights to own a firearm
  • Be subjected to a compulsory AIDS testing
  • Incur financial penalties
  • Be required to attend counseling sessions
  • Register for a lifetime sex offender
  • Get tracked
  • Be placed on probation or parole

In case you need any clarifications or explanations regarding these sex crime offenses and their penalties, do not hesitate to contact Superior Law Center’s sexual assault lawyers today.

Even though each sex crime case is different, we understand that every client deserves the best possible presentation.

What is Megan’s Law?

One of the greatest fears of those people charged with a sex crime in San Diego is that they will have to register as sex offenders.

According to Megan’s law, if you’re convicted of a sex crime in California, you’re supposed to list your name and address on a nationwide sex offender registry and alert your local law enforcement anytime you move to a new location.

Most people dread being listed as sex offenders as this comes with a strong stigma and may even drastically reduce their chances of getting employment.

A great depiction of this stigma is witnessed every day in our communities, where we see many sex offenders forced to search for new living premises because of their neighbors’ actions.

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Contact the Best Sexual Assault Lawyer in San Diego Today

If convicted of a sex crime, your reputation will be ruined, you could potentially have a sex criminal record, and your living and working opportunities may be limited.

As a defendant, you have the right to confront your accusers and review the evidence against your case. To further protect you against police harassment or abuse by judges or prosecutors, consult with an experienced San Diego sexual assault lawyer through all the stages of the criminal process.

Superior Law Center law firm is located in San Diego and provides services to clients throughout Southern California. Our sexual assault lawyers will fight for your rights using strong defense strategies for your case. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Sex Crimes Defense in San Diego

California’s sex offenses have harsh penalties if you get convicted, particularly those that involve minors or violent sexual abuse.

Unfortunately, no matter how innocent you are of the sexual charges, proving your innocence and fighting for your freedom by yourself will not be a walk in the park.

This doesn’t imply that your case is hopeless. Once you are accused of a sex crime, the best action is to hire an experienced sexual assault lawyer in San Diego from the beginning of your sex crime investigation.

Your Superior Law Center sex crime attorney will do everything within their power to protect your constitutional rights and aggressively fight to clear your name.

Sexual Assault Lawyer

What Are The Defense Strategies for Federal Sex Crimes?

As experienced and competent sex crime attorneys, we will use these different defense strategies to protect your rights and help you understand the entire process.

  • You Have a Right to Remain Silent

To be prosecuted for an alleged sex crime, prosecutors will need statements from the witness, including your own statement to law enforcement officers.

Even though you may believe that talking to the police will help you clear your name, it can actually do more damage than good since law enforcement officers have a way to twist words to fit the case they want to make.

Instead, exercise your right to remain silent by not saying anything until you contact your sex crime lawyer.

  • Prove That Consent Was Provided

Consent refers to agreeing voluntarily to engage in a sexual act.

This defense strategy normally applies if the defendant knew the accuser before the sexual act occurred. Providing evidence like text messages, emails, and phone calls can prove that the two parties may have had previous sexual relations.

If witness testimonies show that both parties exhibited sexual behaviors before, they could also prove that consent was provided.

However, note that the age of consent in California is 18, meaning that this defense strategy will not apply if the victim was below 18 at the time of the assault.

  • Mistaken Identity

If you’ve been wrongly identified for allegedly committing a sex crime, your San Diego sexual assault lawyer can use this mistaken identity as a sex crime defense.

The victim may not have clearly seen the perpetrator, thus making it impossible to identify them. Having an alibi will strongly strengthen your defense.

  • Source of the Accusations

Even though it may seem crazy that someone can wrongly accuse another person of committing a sex crime, it’s an action that is quite common.

An excellent way for your sex assault attorney to provide a strong defense is to investigate the motives of the accuser. Possible motivations include a divorce, fighting for custody, financial issues, or covering up for consensual sex acts.

If an accuser has a history of making false allegations against the defendant or other people, their credibility will be highly questioned. Calling their credibility out may lead to questioning the entire case altogether.

  • Questioning the DNA evidence

Yes, DNA can be used to identify an offender and prove some elements of the sex crime. However, this doesn’t mean that it is mistake-proof.

Your San Diego sexual assault lawyer can challenge the collection, transportation, testing techniques, and overall credibility of the DNA results.

Do not bear the burdens of a sex crime penalty before strongly fighting for your freedom. The sexual assault lawyers at Superior Law Center understand the long-term effects that being charged with a sex crime offense can have on your life.

Therefore, we will fight tooth and nail to help you earn your freedom back or prevent you from getting ridiculously inflated charges.