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Drug Trafficking Lawyer San Diego

When you or your loved one faces drug trafficking charges in San Diego, the consequences are serious. The penalties may include years in prison or a huge fine if the law finds you guilty. You get both a prison sentence and a fine in the worst scenario.

The good news is that drug trafficking lawyers from Superior Law Center are here to protect you in this difficult moment. We offer you the legal guidance you can rely on. We fight for you with all possible means to help you get the best possible results. Call our criminal defense lawyer today at (619) 743-9130 for a free case evaluation.

How Does the Law Define Drug Trafficking?

According to California’s law, drug trafficking is the unlawful selling, transportation, and possession of controlled substances with the intent to distribute. Controlled substances are either illegal or prescription drugs. These drugs include (but are not limited to):

  • Heroine
  • Cocaine
  • Lysergic Acid Diethylamide (LSD)
  • Peyote
  • Unprescribed Oxycontin and Vicodin

The drug trafficking laws apply to both large-scale and small-scale operations. Trafficking is a serious offense whether you distribute controlled substances by foot, plane, vehicle, or bicycle.

Must You Be In Actual Possession of Drugs to Be Convicted of Trafficking?

When facing a drug trafficking criminal charge, the law can find you guilty even if you didn’t personally handle the drugs. The law differentiates actual possession from constructive possession.

Actual possession means you were holding the drugs in your hand or could easily access it. For example, if the police found the drugs in your pocket, the law may convict you of actual possession.

On the other hand, constructive possession means you don’t have immediate access to drugs. The law may find you guilty of constructive possession if, for instance, you hire someone to transport the drug and pay the person upon delivery.

In other words, constructive possession means you don’t have direct access but have dominion and control over the drugs intended for sale. In most cases, it’s difficult for the prosecution to prove constructive possession because it isn’t direct as actual possession.

How Serious Are Drug Trafficking Penalties?

In California, drug trafficking is a felony offense. The standard penalties for this offense include one or both of the following:

  • A fine of up to $20,000
  • Jail time of 3 to 9 years

However, some factors make the penalties even more severe. These factors include:

  • Prior convictions of drug crimes: A first-time conviction may have less severe consequences than a third-time conviction within a specific period.
  • The drug quantity in the case— the more the drugs, the more severe the consequences. Drug possession in large amounts signifies intent to sell, which worsens the penalties.
  • Inter-county drug trafficking: Trafficking drugs between two or more counties in California increases the severity of the penalties.
  • The type of drugs in the case: The law categorizes drugsbased on their potential for abuse and effects on the user. Trafficking dangerous drugs like heroin comes with heavier penalties than less abused drugs like valium.
  • Selling drugs in high-intensity drug trafficking areas (HIDTA):  These are areas with extreme drug trafficking operations.
  • Trafficking drugs near school zones and treatment facilities (like rehab centers)
  • Supplying drugs to specific people like minors, pregnant women, and people with mental disorders

Apart from fines and jail time, a drug trafficking conviction can negatively impact your personal and professional life. For example, the government may revoke your professional licenses and include a permanent felony record in your profile, even after serving your sentence.

Other consequences include difficulty retaining custody of your children and the government revoking your immigration documents if you’re not a citizen.

The good news is that a drug crime lawyer at Superior Law Center can help you create a powerful defense strategy for the best possible result. Contact us today to partner with a reliable lawyer that prioritizes your needs.

When Does a Drug Trafficking Offense Become a Federal Crime (Very Serious)?

A federal crime is more serious than a state offense. State and federal laws impose different penalties, with the latter more severe than the former. Federal authorities like the FBI and DEA are likely to get involved in a drug trafficking case under the following circumstances:

  • When drug trafficking occurs between states or national borders
  • When large amounts of dangerous drugs, like meth, are involved
  • When trafficking occurs in High-Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas (HIDTA).

Penalties for federal drug trafficking offenses are extremely severe. These penalties depend on the drug quantity involved, whether the drugs caused death, injuries related to the drugs, and other factors. Generally, the minimum imprisonment period is five years and a maximum of 20 years. But if aggravating factors are considered, the maximum prison time can be 40 years or a lifetime.

A reliable attorney can help you reduce the severity of the penalties and ensure you get the best possible results from your case. Whether you’re facing state or federal charges, an experienced attorney will fight for you throughout the entire process.

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Benefits of Hiring a Reliable Lawyer in Your Drug Trafficking Case

It can be disorienting when the prosecution slaps you with a drug trafficking charge. You need reliable legal guidance when facing charges, even if you’re innocent. The following reasons explain why you need a lawyer.

1. An Attorney Helps You Prepare for the Worst

When facing criminal charges, the prosecution will work day and night to prove that you’re guilty, even if you aren’t. An attorney will help you prepare defenses that protect your rights and prioritize your freedom in the case.

2. An Attorney Helps You Understand Valuable Plea Deals

A plea deal is where a prosecutor provides a compromise in the case in exchange for a plea of guilt. Some plea agreements are good, while others are meant to make your suffering (jail time and heavy fines) start early. An attorney will explain whether or not a plea deal is worth it to ensure the best possible results in your case.

3. A Lawyer Manages All the Legal Paperwork in Your Case

Paperwork is the core of legal systems. Your lawyer will ensure you don’t miss the deadline for filing essential documents in your case.

What Are the Defenses Against Drug Trafficking Charges?

When facing drug trafficking charges, you are innocent until the prosecution proves you guilty. For this reason, you get a chance to defend yourself. A criminal defense attorney can help you build a powerful defense strategy you can use in state or federal court.

In addition, a lawyer can find possible ways to hinder investigations and guide you every step of the way to ensure you don’t incriminate yourself. The following are the legal strategies an attorney can use to defend you in court against drug trafficking charges:

1. The Prosecution Obtained Evidence Through Illegal Search and Seizure

In California, the prosecution and law enforcement can only search a person’s home, vehicle, and other personal properties if there’s a reasonable belief the person committed the crime. The Fourth Amendment of the U.S constitution protects citizens from illegal search and seizure.

If law enforcement lacked a valid search warrant and you didn’t give consent, yet they searched your property with no probable cause, a lawyer can use this strategy to defend your rights in court.

2. You Don’t Own or Have Control of the Drugs

The prosecution must show beyond reasonable doubt that the drugs involved are yours or you somehow have control over them. The prosecution must also prove an intent to sell or distribute the drugs. As long as you completely deny the charges, it will be difficult for the prosecution to prove you guilty, especially if you weren’t in actual possession of the drugs during the arrest.

3. You Are Being Framed for Drug Trafficking

You can claim someone framed you and that you weren’t aware of the drugs on your property. After all, someone can hide the drugs on your property without your knowledge and call the cops. False testimonies and fabricated evidence are other strongholds of this defense.

4. Release on Bail

No one wants to spend even the least time in jail. An attorney can do everything possible to get a defendant released on bail. The defendant can enjoy freedom throughout the investigation process instead of being behind bars.

5. Trafficking Drugs Because of Life-Threatening Danger

A person may be forced to store, transport, distribute, or sell drugs in some cases. Forced drug trafficking may result from threats from gang leaders who threaten to hurt you or your loved ones if you don’t comply. This defense can get you out of trouble since the offense is based on protecting your dear life or that of a loved one.

Drug Trafficking

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