Domestic Violence Charge in San Diego?

For a Domestic Violence Charge in San Diego, the Defense Lawyer You Choose is CRUCIAL.

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San Diego Domestic Violence Lawyer

Are you facing domestic violence charges? If so, you’re probably wondering will I go to jail for domestic abuse? What do domestic violence laws in California say?

Domestic violence occurs in many homes. It may be intentional, while sometimes you may be accused unjustly. The accuser may have misinterpreted your actions and brought up domestic violence charges.

If that’s the case, you need the help of a San Diego Domestic Violence Lawyer. It doesn’t matter whether the victim has good reasons for the accusation or not.

California courts take domestic violence cases seriously. It can be hard to defend yourself against this charge. An attorney has the best skills to get your charge dismissed or reduced.

Let’s discuss California domestic violence laws and why you should hire an attorney. Read on.

Definition of Domestic Violence in San Diego, California

Domestic violence happens when you harm or attempt to harm a family member or someone close to you. California penal code 13700 states that domestic violence is abuse committed against:

  • Co-parents
  • Cohabitants or ex-cohabitants
  • Ex-partners or ex-spouses
  • Dating or married partners

Domestic violence does not involve harming someone physically alone. Actions such as punching a wall or yelling offensive words also count as they make a person fearful. Threatening to hurt a person or touching them through their clothes is also domestic violence.

Punishment for Domestic Violence in San Diego, CA

California law categorizes domestic violence into two. You can either be charged with a felony or misdemeanor domestic violence. The category of your charge will determine possible jail time.

Also, your history and the severity of the charge will impact your sentence. A court may consider the charge a felony offense if the following factors are involved.

  • If you have been convicted of sexual assault or domestic battery in the past
  • Visible severe injuries on the victim
  • Domestic violence occurred in the presence of a child
  • If there were threats or use of a dangerous weapon

Misdemeanor domestic violence attracts a fine of up to $2,000 and up to a year in jail. When charged as a felony, you will pay a fine of up to 6,000 dollars and up to four years in prison.

Also, if found guilty, the judge may give you probation. You’ll be required to go to a batterer’s treatment program for one year. The judge may also order you to pay for mentor counseling for the victim or donate to a women’s shelter.

Besides a prison sentence and fines, the conviction can attract harsh consequences. They include a restraining order and loss of child custody rights.

In a worst-case scenario, you may have a permanent criminal record. For non-citizens, there are immigration consequences such as deportation.

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What to Do When You Have Been Wrongly Accused of Domestic Violence

Take action immediately if you are accused of sexual assault or domestic violence. Visit a criminal defense law office for legal advice. Hire a domestic violence attorney before doing anything else.

The process of proving your innocence can be challenging. So, the sooner the attorney starts the legal defense, the higher the chances of a successful outcome.

The lawyer may have to hire an expert witness to show how bruising occurred. It is crucial to prove that the ”victim of domestic violence” caused the violent attacks.

Hire the Best San Diego Domestic Violence Lawyer

You now understand the consequences of domestic violence in San Diego Ca. Hire a lawyer immediately you are arrested or charged with domestic violence.

Research lawyers in your local area to find one who can help you achieve the best outcome. While there is no guarantee, having a lawyer by your side will pay off.

At Superior Law Center, we have the best criminal defense attorneys. We will work right alongside you from the moment we take up your case. No matter the charge, we are ready to protect your rights.

Contact us to know more about our services.

Domestic Violence

Why You Should Hire a San Diego Domestic Violence Lawyer

Domestic violence charges can attract significant consequences. It’s essential to take action sooner rather than later to prove your innocence. Here are the top benefits of hiring a domestic violence lawyer.

1. Domestic Violence Is a Serious Criminal Charge

When convicted of domestic violence, it comes with the highest stakes. The lightest sentence is a substantial fine, and you don’t want to find yourself in that position. Apart from fines, you may get a prison sentence when found guilty.

In some cases, you may lose the right to own a firearm or have a permanent criminal record. That’s why you need to hire a domestic violence lawyer. They will provide you with the best criminal defense to prove you are not guilty in court.

Hiring an attorney to handle your case will minimize potential consequences. They know the ins and outs of the criminal defense field.

A lawyer will help you get an acquittal or reduce the consequences drastically. Even if it is your first time being wrongly accused, the negative consequences can be severe. That’s why you should consider hiring an experienced Diego domestic violence lawyer.

2. Avoid Stress

It can be hard to handle domestic violence charges without knowledge and experience. Great criminal defense lawyers keep up with laws and policies on domestic violence.

They are experts who will plan your case adequately to keep things moving fast. This goes a long way to ensuring you avoid the stress and hassle of dealing with the case with no expertise.

It takes a lot of preparation to go to court, and you don’t want to do all this by yourself. Hiring a lawyer will give you confidence knowing that you have a professional by your side.

They will gather the right information and evidence to build a strong defense for your case. Your attorney will examine your case and take the time to explain your charges. Also, they may talk to the prosecuting attorney and work out a deal to prevent the case from going to court.

3. The Prosecution’s Argument

The accuser will likely hire an attorney to prove their domestic violence case. So, you need to hire one too.

Failure to do so means that you are letting them win. A lawyer will request a reduction or dismissal of the charges.

An expert will ensure you don’t suffer unnecessary consequences. They understand the law and your rights to build a good defense.

Remember that you’re innocent until proven guilty. The prosecutor’s job is to prove you are guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

A criminal defense lawyer will develop a sound defense strategy without judging you. They will listen to your concerns and do what is necessary to prove you are innocent.

4. An Attorney Knows the Right People to Talk To

You have to study law and pass the bar exam to qualify as a lawyer. It means only the best make it.

A professional will be prepared to deal with the situation to give you the best possible outcome. They will talk with law enforcement and collect evidence on your behalf to use in court.

The police will obtain an EPO (Emergency Protective Order) if you get arrested. The order remains effective until arraignment.

Most courts opt for no-contact EPO without considering the desires of the accused. A lawyer will contend your EPO by providing evidence in your favor. It is an advantage since you will want to maintain contact with your family members.

A harsh EPO can prevent you from speaking to your kids or even seeing them until the end of the case. With an experienced lawyer, you will get a peaceful contract, and the case will not last a long time. It means you will see your kids and talk to them even as the case goes on.

If you do all this by yourself, things may not work in your favor. It shows that a lawyer is an invaluable asset when facing domestic violence charges.

5. Not Having an Attorney May Cost You More

When you consider what’s at stake, it makes sense to hire a lawyer. Domestic violence is a criminal case, and you risk spending time in jail if found guilty.

Failure to provide enough evidence in court may lead to a wrongful conviction. Following the wrong procedure or filing the wrong document can ruin your case. You’d rather spend money and be sure that your rights are protected.

Besides, if you’re able to prove that you were wrongly accused, you can claim legal fees. Hiring an attorney will make you money by presenting correct evidence in court.

You can do certain things to avoid spending a lot of money on legal fees. You can provide your lawyer with evidence upfront. Gather all documents that show you are not guilty of domestic battery.

There are different types of arrangements when it comes to paying legal fees. They include flat fees, contingency fees, and hourly rates arrangements. It’s best to opt for a flat fee agreement to be on the safe side.

Your case may go on for some time, and this type of arrangement will help lower your legal fees. You will know what you will pay in advance to avoid any surprises.