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Aggressive criminal defense attorneys with over 2000 case victories and two decades of experience in San Diego. Being placed under arrest and charged with a crime does not mean that you are guilty. Call us now - we will do everything to ensure you receive the best possible outcome.

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San Diego Dui Attorney & Criminal Defense Lawyer

San Diego DUI Attorney & Criminal Defense Lawyer

All DUI charges and criminal charges in San Diego require the help of an experienced attorney who specializes in either DUI defense or criminal defense. An outstanding attorney is especially vital for felony DUI charges, multiple DUI infractions, and criminal charges that could result in prison time if you are convicted. If you’re facing DUI charges for the second or third time, know that penalties are severe. The same goes for violent felony charges, which may make you at risk to California’s Three Strike Rule.

If you’re facing DUI or criminal charges in San Diego, or if you have an outstanding warrant here, your future and your freedom are at risk. At Superior Law Center, the Law Offices of Erik Friis, our clients come first. We are ready to work right alongside you and your family, from the moment we take the case, to get your DUI or criminal charges reduced or even dismissed. Contact Superior Law Center now for experienced legal help. We work diligently to protect your rights. We’re ready to help you get the best possible outcome in your unique case.

The Superior Law Center gets results. No matter the charge, attorney Erik Friis & the Superior Law Center team will defend you vigorously during your darkest hour!

Two Decades Of Experience in San Diego Dui And Criminal Cefense Cases

With over 20 years of experience as one of California’s most-awarded San Diego DUI attorneys and criminal defense lawyers, Superior Law Center is a powerful ally to have on your side when facing the severe, and often complicated, California justice system.

We’ll use those decades of experience, plus our extensive network of professional experts, and our long-standing, positive reputation with the San Diego judges to get the best result possible for YOU!

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Since 1999, Superior Law Center has won more than 2000 cases here in San Diego, CA.

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We have handled cases of every size and type.

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    Superior Law Center has helped thousands of people in San Diego fight their DUI case. While every situation is unique, our goal remains the same: we work to get your DUI charges dropped entirely, or reduced to a “wet and reckless” charge. Contact our DUI lawyer today! We’re ready to help you save your license, and discuss how we can help get your charges reduced or possibly even dismissed.


    about duis in san diego - why you need experienced san diego dui defense

    DUI charges in California must be taken seriously. Know these vital DUI facts:

    • If you’re charged with a DUI, you only have ten days to get in contact with the DMV about your license. Otherwise, it will be suspended.
    • California law requires that drivers submit to either a breathalyzer or blood analysis.
    • Breathalyzer results can often be successfully contested in court. (Was the equipment properly calibrated? Was it used correctly?)
    • If you are convicted of a DUI, you face anywhere from 48 hours to six months.
    • You’ll be fined anywhere from $360 to $1,000 for your first offense.

    Second and third-time DUI offenders will face stiffer penalties.

    Beyond the possibility of a license suspension or revocation and hefty fines, San Diego area DUIs will cost you even more:

    • The judge may recommend counseling or education programs ranging from three months to six months. These will be at your expense.
    • Your auto insurance rates will skyrocket. Your insurance premiums may triple.
    • You will also need to carry SR-22 insurance. It’s a special endorsement your insurer will add to your auto insurance policy, also at your own cost.

    San Diego DUI laws & punishment vary depending on the circumstances of the DUI and whether you have had prior convictions, particularly within the last ten years. Know that DUIs stay on your California driving record for ten years! You will be unable to get any “safe driver discounts” on your auto insurance for the next decade if you’re convicted.

    San Diego Criminal Charges

    What to Do if You’ve Been Arrested in San Diego for Criminal Charges

    If you’re accused of a crime in San Diego, exercise your right to legal counsel. Your behavior during this early stage is vital to your success. Never act belligerent or irresponsible to police officers, but don’t offer them any extra information either. In a businesslike manner, provide them with your name and ask for a lawyer. Stay silent after that.

    Regardless of what an arresting officer tells you, San Diego area prosecutors are NOT more lenient if you’re cooperative or supply extra information.

    In cases where California’s “Three Strikes Rule” comes into play, we will work hard to get your current and other charges reduced, to avoid the most severe “Three Strikes” penalties, like a 25-year prison sentence.

    Never agree to a search of your home unless the San Diego police officer shows you a warrant.

    Make sure the name and address on the warrant are yours, and that it’s signed, with a recent date.

    If they do offer a warrant, read it.

    If you’re taken into custody, call a lawyer before speaking to detectives and police officers. That is your right!

    Superior Law Center is ready to fight for you. We’ll use every resource at our disposal. If you are convicted, we will negotiate with the prosecution to reduce your charges, minimize your penalties, and keep you out of jail.


    “Choosing Superior Law Center was the wisest decision I ever made. Superior Law Center did an incredible job representing me in court…I felt assured from the beginning with Superior Law Center’s professional manner and extensive knowledge as an attorney. The best advice I could offer someone seeking a lawyer is don’t second guess yourself; if you are seeking someone who truly cares for his clients and what he does, then going with Superior Law Center is a no brainer. Look at what he did for me. Superior Law Center changed the outcome of my life and I will be forever grateful for all he’s done."


    Mark Stewart

    EA, San Diego

    "Eric is a clients champion and has helped me in every step of the process ensuring I get a fair trail and always has advised me on what is better for me. He has been responsive, and has great analytical, Speaking and listening skills. I’m extremely grateful for his passion, dedication and professionalism. He truly has been the best and I appreciate that."


    Alex Ander

    San Diego

    "Hands Down the best decision ever. Erik handled my case very well. I was extremely impressed by the way Erik was able to get my case resolved. Highly recommend."


    Christopher Gambill

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    "I have had experiences with attorneys concerning many legal matters over my lifetime. This was my first time working with an attorney in a criminal matter. I was very concerned over the possible out come and how it would effect my life. I truly respect and appreciate the way Erik handled my case. He was upfront with me all the way through. No sugar coating or false hopes. Only the truth with a great supportive and caring demeanor. If you need an Attorney, you need Erik on your side. Outstanding Attorney, Awesome Person. I highly recommend Erik Friis."


    Gerry Olesky

    San Diego

    "Eric is very good at being your voice in the field of law. If you need some that is responsible, when it come to taking care of your legal needs. This lawyer has gone the extra mile for me and so has the great people he works with. I thank you."


    Michael Weise

    San Diego

    "Working with Erik has been a real pleasure. He was professional, quick to respond, and shows that he can deliver on his promises. My situation was complex and required a substantial amount of research. Erik showed he was dedicated to my case and best interests. With the courts being backed up due to Covid-19 he was still willing to fight it out for the just outcome; despite pressure from other attorneys to resolve the case as soon as possible. I would highly recommend Erik."


    Eric B.

    San Diego

    Our Goals as Your Criminal Defense Lawyer in San Diego

    Our experienced San Diego criminal lawyer uses the best defense strategies possible to protect your innocence and safeguard your future. All of your rights will be protected, and we will fight diligently to get the best possible outcome for our clients.

    The criminal attorney you choose makes all the difference!

    The Superior Law Center’s San Diego criminal attorney has but one goal – to get your charges dropped or reduced, and to protect YOU and YOUR FAMILY’S futures! Having worked in the San Diego County court system for more than two decades, there’s a good chance we already have a relationship with the judges involved in your unique case. And while no two criminal cases are identical, criminal attorney Erik Friis has earned respect from San Diego judges time and again! Our illustrious track record in the San Diego court system gives out clients a tremendous advantage.

    Reach out to our experienced criminal lawyer today at 844.969.1394. We’re ready to fight for YOU!