Why Should You Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney?

When you’ve been accused of a crime in San Diego, it’s important to weigh all your options carefully. Now is the time to make the smartest decisions to best protect your rights and stay out of jail.

Most people we speak with know right away that they need help from a private defense attorney, but some do consider the option of not hiring an attorney to protect them. When you hire a private criminal defense attorney, there are several distinct factors to consider:

Our attorneys take on a limited case volume, specifically so we can provide the best possible service and results. Our #1 goal is to get your charges reduced and dropped, keep you out of jail, and protect what’s important to you.

The results of you or your loved ones case is directly intertwined with the reputation of not only the attorney, but the entire law firm. This creates a significant amount of incentive for Mr. Friis to strive for the best possible outcome, which we feel shows in our case results and victories in San Diego.

Our firm has won over 2000 of cases in San Diego, and as a result, we have experience and relationships with the judges that can have a significant impact on the outcome of your case.

At our law firm, we make ourselves personally available to our clients all hours of the day.

If you believe you are guilty and you have no options, a skilled San Diego defense attorney can often get penalties & fines significantly reduced. We also have a history of getting costly fines removed substituted for community service, which can be a big benefit. In some cases we are able to get the entire case thrown out.

Defending you & your future can either be someone’s “job” or it can be their entire living, and defending people like you in San Diego is what we do every single day.

There is no limit on the amount of time and resources you can put into protecting you or your loved ones future. And when you hire a attorney to represent you, you are showing the court that you take yourself and your rights seriously and you are demanding to be treated with respect. We don’t just seek to settle your case and risk a possible detriment to your career or your future. We will use every defense strategy possible to get you or your loved one the best result, even if it means going to trial.

It’s your life, and your future…it’s really up to you how far you’re willing to go to protect that. When prison, fines, your record, and/or your career are on the line, now is the most crucial time to make the right decision.

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Arrested or charged?

Don’t talk to the police without the presence of an attorney.


Anything you say can & will be used against you in court.

don’t plead guilty!

There are many ways to beat charges and get penalties reduced.


Get a free case evaluation so we can determine the best course of action for you.

You saved my life! I was looking at 11 years in state prison. But due to your hard work and understanding of the facts of the new case, you were able to get me a misdemeanor and credit for time served (which was 75 days), and terminate probation. Now I can restart my life with a clean slate. I am eternally grateful for your service. I feel like I am in debt to you for 11 years of my life. What you did for me is the best thing that anyone has ever done for me! You are the best lawyer anyone’s ever had. You are amazing and the best. If there’s ever anything I can ever do for you, please let me know."
– EA, San Diego

Recent Criminal Case Results

  • DUI Hit & Run with Injury – Disturbing the Peace
  • Felony Fraud – Misd., No Jail
  • Spousal Battery with injury – Simple Battery, No Jail
  • DUI Speeding; .08 blood – Wet Reckless
  • Felony Forcible Rape – Statutory Rape; Probation