Is the FBI After you for Federal Wire Fraud? If so, We’re Here to Protect You.

Wire fraud sounds old school, and likely conjures up the tap-tap-tapping sound of telegrams being crafted, delivered, and received. Today, the tap-tap-tapping takes place on computer keyboards, telephone keypads, and smartphones. Essentially, any transmission from one state to another via the Internet, phone, television, or radio can provide fodder for federal wire fraud charges.

If you’ve been accused of wire fraud, you may have heard the tap-tap-tapping of one charge being tacked on top of another. That’s because every single transmission constitutes a separate violation of the law. If a dozen emails are sent out to a dozen potential fraud victims, that constitutes 12 counts of wire fraud.

But that’s just the beginning. Wire fraud can be used when prosecutors can’t make charges like securities fraud or healthcare fraud stick. Because there’s an “honest services” provision in the law, elected officials accused of accepting bribes may also face wire fraud charges. And because wire fraud doesn’t require any actual financial loss, prosecutors frequently tap-tap-tap dance their way to convictions.

And those convictions can carry alarming penalties – up to three decades behind bars and up to $1 million in fines. That’s why you need Superior Law Center. We’ll do everything we can to prevent charges from being filed against you. We’ll tap-tap-tap our toes until investigators fall in line. We’ll fight tirelessly to prevent your case from going to court, but if it’s necessary, we’re prepared with an arsenal of strong defense strategies.

Remember – time is NOT on your side. We are. Do NOT speak to investigators. Call Superior Law Center TODAY for a free, no-obligation consultation.

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