Charged with Importation/Exportation of Controlled Substance?

On the highway of federal drug offenses, provisions regarding the importation or exportation of controlled substances are the twisting mountain roads. Straightforward at first glance, the law’s nuances are like switchbacks. Yes, it’s against the law to smuggle a truck full of cocaine across the U.S. border. But the same penalties apply to those who are convicted of conspiring to import or export controlled substances.

And those penalties are deep ravines – detours from which you may never recover. A conviction for a first offense can mean a minimum of five years in federal prison and a fine of $1 million. A second offense can bring a life sentence and a fine of up to $75 million. The federal government can seize your real estate, your home, your car, your boat, and any other property you have. Add in other factors – like the use of a firearm – and penalties multiply.

Often, someone who is arrested for or charged with importing or exporting drugs looks in the rear view mirror and sees the warning signs they missed. A fleet of federal agencies patrols these roads, from the Department of Homeland Security and the DEA, to the FBI and CIA, to the IRS and Customs. If you suspect that you’re being investigated – or if you’ve been arrested or charged – you need a legal advisor in the driver’s seat.

Superior Law Center has the experience you need to navigate this highway. If you’re under investigation, we’ll be on the lookout for violations of your constitutional rights. If you’ve been arrested, we’ll work tirelessly to prevent charges from being filed. If you’ve been charged, we’ll examine the evidence and find avenues to prevent it from being used against you. If investigators have crossed the line, we may be able to have the charges dismissed. If your case goes to trial, we’ll craft a defense that ensures the best possible outcome.

Don’t try to navigate this road map on your own. Do NOT speak to investigators. What you say WILL be used against you. Time is NOT on your side. We are. Call Superior Law Center TODAY for a free, no-obligation consultation.

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