Charged with Federal Child Pornography?

Even a whiff of suspicion relating to child pornography feels like thunderclouds gathering in the distance. A hurricane of societal judgment surrounds an arrest for child pornography, and a conviction is akin to a nuclear winter. Life as you know it ends, and you’ll never again feel the warmth of supportive family members, friends, and coworkers.

The production, distribution, possession, and receipt of child pornography are federal crimes if the material crosses state lines. Today, federal child pornography charges usually arise in conjunction with the mail or the Internet. The law is so broad that federal charges can be filed even if the computer on which images reside was manufactured outside of the state in which you reside.

A blizzard of penalties face those who are convicted of a crime relating to child pornography. Producing child pornography can mean 15 to 30 years in prison; possessing child pornography can result in 5 to 20 years. Throw in a hailstorm of prior convictions or special circumstances, and the sentence can snowball to life imprisonment.

If child pornography charges are imminent, you need a shelter in the storm – fast. Superior Law Center will challenge investigators every step of the way, and is often successful in avoiding formal charges. Possible defenses include illegal search, entrapment, not intentionally possessing or viewing the material, and psychological addiction.

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