Who Are We, and Why Are We Different?

My name is Erik Friis, and I am the founder and managing attorney at Superior Law Center in San Diego. Since 1999, we have personally defended and won over 2000 criminal cases in San Diego.

If you get convicted of a crime in San Diego, you could end up in jail or prison, face substantial fines, and end up with a criminal conviction on your record….These consequences are WAY too serious and devastating to trust your criminal charges to any defense lawyer in San Diego.

Here are 6 reasons why you will have a big advantage by hiring Superior Law Center to protect your future:

1. Unlike many attorneys who previously worked on the side of the prosecution, we have ALWAYS been 100% dedicated to defending criminal charges and fighting for our clients’ innocence.

2. Our track record in San Diego. As you can see in our recent victories & case results, as well as our client testimonials, we’ve had a tremendous amount of success in the San Diego court system.

3. San Diego Judges – Fortunately, I’ve earned the respect from judges in the San Diego court system over the last 15 years. This is one of the main reasons I’ve consistently been able to get such great results for my clients, and I will almost certainly be familiar with the judge(s) assigned to your case.

4. We personally handle each case. Unlike many law firms in San Diego, we will never pass off your case to another attorney. I treat each case as if it were my own, meticulously preparing and striving for the best result.

5. Often times, we can STOP police investigations before you EVER get charged with a crime. If you have been accused, but NOT formally charged with a crime yet, read more about pre-file investigations.

6. We offer little or no money down, and payment plans to those who need it. We do not want to let legal fees get in the way of protecting your record and your future.

When it comes to getting your charges reduced or dropped, saving your criminal record, and protecting your future, your next move needs to be your smartest move.

We have one goal at Superior Law Center – to get your criminal charges REDUCED or DISMISSED! We fight passionately and aggressively for our San Diego clients, and will use ALL criminal defense strategies necessary to get your charges dropped, reduced, or dismissed in court… that’s what we do every single day!